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Column wraps are an innovative way to transform ordinary structural columns into stylish, branded features. Our fabric wraps encase columns with your messaging, enhancing the aesthetics and of the space.  Whether used indoors or outdoors, column wraps provide a versatile solution for upgrading the appearance of any setting, from hotel lobbies to trade show halls. With customizable designs and easy installation, column wraps offer endless possibilities for adding character and charm to your environment.  Whether you're looking to refresh your interior décor or brand your event, column wraps are a versatile and practical choice for achieving stunning results.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Durable, vibrant colors guaranteed to pop.

Custom Finishing

Laser cut and finished with Velro for a snug fit.

Any size

No column is the same size.  Made to your specifications.

Easy to ship

Easily rolled and shipped to your location.

Elevate the experience for your guests with column wraps.  Column wraps create a signature style for your brand and the attention to detail will set the stage for an unforgettable event.  Our column wraps are made precisely to your specifications and are great for directional signage and other messaging.  Discover a new standard of hospitality and visual branding with column wraps from Impact! 

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