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SEG graphics, or Silicone Edge Graphics, revolutionize the way brands present themselves in trade shows, retail spaces, and events. These innovative graphics utilize a fabric print with a silicone edge sewn around the perimeter. When inserted into a frame with a corresponding silicone gasket, the result is a smooth, seamless appearance with vibrant, wrinkle-free graphics.

Whether used for backdrops, booth displays, or retail signage, SEG graphics offer a sleek and effective solution for captivating audiences and making a lasting impression.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Heat sealed inks and vibrant colors

Custom Finishing

Precision cut with silicone edges

Modular Frames 

Variety of sizes available

Easy to ship

Frames are lightweight and compact.  Fabric prints are easy to fold and ship.

With SEG graphics, brands can achieve a polished, professional look that enhances their messaging and branding. The fabric material offers versatility, allowing for easy transport and storage while maintaining durability for long-term use. Additionally, SEG graphics provide a modern aesthetic, with the option for backlighting to further enhance visual impact.

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